the mightiest trees emerge. Wondrous words travel right alongside them to describe their beauty – like majestic, awe-inspiring, magnificent, stately, etc.  Take a look at this photo and tell me just one of those descriptive words is wrong.


Grandfather Gum

Grandfather Gum

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A couple of years ago I wrote a post about the incredible consistency of shop-bought eggs as opposed to the variation in their home-grown  cousins.  It came to mind again because of a slightly different anomaly on an egg carton hubby Kanute showed me. A quick calculation shows each egg weighs 41.5g, for 12 to equal 500g.

That incredible and questionably knowledgeable breed known as ‘they’ call these eggs Medium size. Huh? Egg farmers around the world would be squawking loudly and selling the first tiny eggs most chooks lay when they start — except they are rendered speechless by the very thought. Here’s a photo of that  pack of  ‘Medium’ sized eggs –

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Once upon a time on a farm we owned, we inherited a wonderful old gum tree, capable of sheltering countless families of birds and mammals and all manner of creepy crawlies, too.

We were told that his girth measurement indicated an age of well in excess of 400 years. That was in the 1980’s, and a recent Google satellite photo we investigated showed he’s still there. Isn’t that wonderful? Many times we were tempted to check about having him heritage listed, but never did for fear of the potential upheaval if he became famous. Selfish? Maybe… but he’s still there, and intact. I think our choice was the right one.

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… maybe they are  mimicking the Pete Seeger song, and its words –

‘… Long time passing,

Long time ago… ‘

There must be some good reasons for the appalling lack of community spirit and caring that sees almost every organisation that relies heavily on volunteers, struggling to keep afloat today.

In fact, many have already sunk due to lack of support and the ageing population who still believe in helping your fellow man, regardless of what it may cost personally…  in time and effort and love of humanity.

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Shark picture

I know this site is called ‘ceedee country’ , but my country of Australia IS ‘girt by sea’, and the latest news about these pristine waters is UGLY… and that is an understatement.

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and the Old Man WAS snoring, last night – just like every night.


It certainly wasn’t him who did the rain dance that has brought us 7″ (175mm) of rain last month , and in the 20 days of this month so far, another 5-1/2″ (137mm). Over the next few days another inch or so is forecast. Of course, at the beginning of the season rain dances were popular amongst the farming fraternity – but just like our old friend Hanrahan said, “We’ll all be ‘rooned if it don’t stop soon”.

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Gone Fishing…

Gone Fishing

The Fisherman is not too fussed whether he’s successful in the traditional way of actually catching something… or not. You see, the satisfaction he expresses is the sun on his back; the smell of fresh, somewhat salty air; the uninterrupted view across the River Murray to the island; the cries of the birds, from river and sea; the well-earned freedom after a lifetime of toil; the ultimate choice to stay… or go home for lunch. Continue Reading »

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