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I have been busy writing on both my HubPages and Ezine Articles sites, about my hand-made wall hangings that I value so highly on my list of  ‘favourite things’.

Some years ago, I aspired to be a patchwork person…alas, I’m not…but a compromise was reached (in my mind).   I would be a creator of hand-stitched wall hangings, complete with ‘meaningful messages’.  This has much to do with how much I prefer the speed of a hand-held needle, as compared to its sewing-machine ‘sibling’…being basically built for comfort, rather than speed these days! (more…)

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I am filled with admiration and appreciation of the cross-stitchers of this world.  Until you have personally tried this ‘extreme’ pastime, you will never understand fully what a patience-provoking experience you have embarked upon.  I remember the pre-cross-stitch days when I thought stitching a tapestry was really something!  And hubby Kanute and I could not believe it when we measured and counted and found there were 100 stitches to the inch!  (or to 2.5cm)


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