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Shark picture

I know this site is called ‘ceedee country’ , but my country of Australia IS ‘girt by sea’, and the latest news about these pristine waters is UGLY… and that is an understatement.


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HubPages – Animals

 These were originally Squidoo lenses I wrote specifically about Animals. Now they are HubPages, undergoing a changing face, as I find new homes for them.  Eventually I plan to be changing these into something else altogether.

The Primary Pooch_Kim, the Primary Pooch, young Christine and Rae

Kim was an Airedale, crossed with something (maybe several ‘somethings’) and so his features were softer than the usual sharp angles of his breed. What I do know for sure, was that he was the first in a line of great and treasured canine characters that have shared my life. There are some people…

Candy closeup

Candy – A Honey of a Dog

Many life happenings conspired to create the 10 year gap from when my sweet Kim died until I was able to get a puppy again. First Mum and Dad and myself moved to a new home, and they didn’t want another dog. Then I married, and our early years were in rental properties in two Australian States th…

A Gentle Gypsy Stole my Heart_0012.C + baby Gypsy

My hands were the first and last Gypsy knew. Holding her with the greatest love – at her birth – and at her death, 17 years later. The first time I saw her, she was still in her umbilical sac. I had to clear her mouth and tickle her nose with a dry stalk of grass to make her sneeze and take her …

_0003.Snoopy the babe Kangaroo R&R – Rescue and Rebirth

The last of the ten kangaroos they shot that night was a gentle grey doe, her soft stricken eyes staring in confusion and terror at the alien spotlight. The perfect target. After she had fallen, we could all see movement still continuing in her pouch. I felt overwhelming sickness as one of the m…

 Ooroo the Kangaroo

On first sight, Ooroo was a less than ‘awe-inspiring’ specimen of a kangaroo. I felt certain we would part company in short order – hence his name, Ooroo (which means Goodbye in Aussie). He was a sparsely furred and terribly stressed joey. His tiny, wizened face and agonised eyes clearly indicate…

Taffy Was An Aussie_0022.Taffy

But the famed ‘Taffy’ was a Welshman – and the old-time rhyme goes a bit like this – ‘Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief, Taffy came to my house and stole a leg of beef! I went to Taffy’s house, But Taffy wasn’t home…. All that was left was a large beef bone!’ Ahh-hh-hh, what can I say…..

I Hug Trees...SO WHAT Miss Calculations…and the Country Connection

I’m just NOT waiting for my turn and that’s that! How can she put them – SO MANY of them and their stories ahead of ME and MINE?? It’s beyond belief – so I’m taking this opportunity to have MY voice heard – AND – ‘When Do We Want to Hear It? ‘NOW’ – that’s when!! Update! Update! Latest News Now I…

 Sheba the Shepherd…the Queen of our HeartsSheba puppy.z

In fact, when my husband and I really sat down and combined the maths and the memories, we discovered that our beautiful mother-girl, Sheba, actually came into our lives in between Gypsy and Taffy(whose stories I have already written). It was when we started examining the particular reason we wel…

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When Cats Rule The Roost

Actually, I’m a DOG person…but there’s something about Cats…their feisty independence maybe? Or perhaps the way everything must be on their terms? Somehow, when they’re curled up warmly on your lap, purring and allowing you to endlessly stroke them…you must admit…Cats DO rule (their ‘staff’) – with an iron paw in a velvet glove!

Horses are amongst the noblest and most beautiful creatures of the Animal Kingdom. With a wondrous combination of gentleness, loyalty and courage, they have captivated the heart of man throughout the ages. Their attributes are many, their shortcomings few. But…few creatures demand more of a human being’s time and total attention than a horse.

Throughout the year the RSPCA collect, attempt to relocate and too often, have no choice but to destroy the dumped ‘Best Friends’ of that great animal lover, Man. The ultimate irony of this terrible chain is that Christmas and Easter…those two celebrations of love and giving…are the busiest times of the year for rescuers of the unwanted.


The Enduring Significance of Bears

There are some who think that the only bears that are ‘real’ are living in forests and such places. Well, no…there are also the soft, loving, comforting species that many of us cannot live without, and others cannot sleep without.

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